Cuts in ‘Sarkar’, Vijay is Unhappy, Why?

With the  Tamil Nadu sarkar fuming against the new #Vijay blockbuster #Sarkar it’s time for the film’s team to do some quick damage control. News reports suggest that the film’s producers and director #Murugadoss have agreed to cut the dialogues and scenes that allegedly show the Tamil Nadu government in a poor light.

Apparently, the film’s hero Vijay, said to be contemplating a career in active politics, was dead set against the cuts. A well-informed source reveals, “When sections of the Tamil Nadu government threatened action against the film and its team for showing the Government in an unflattering light, Vijay made it very clear that no cuts would be made. He was confident of the audiences’ support. Since the entire Sarkar team including director Murugadoss takes Vijay’s wish as the final word, they were adamant not to succumb to government pressures. But then the cops came knocking at director Murugadoss’  late in the night on Thursday night. That’s  when the Sarkar team decided to  go ahead with the cuts.”

While Vijay and Murugadoss remained unavailable for comment, Vijay’s colleague Vishal Krishnan said, “I fail to see why cuts should be made when the  Censor Board of Film Certification has cleared a film. My Tamil film  #Irumbu-Thirai was targeted by a section of the #Bharatiya-Janta-Party. It showed how personal data was being stolen through the adhaar card. After  the protests, some shows of  Irumbu Thirai had to be cancelled in Chennai. Luckily there was absolutely no dispute with the censor board. They passed the film without any cuts. I showed  the honourable Supreme Court ruling on the issue.”

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